Oppose Trump’s pick for labor secretary: Sign the petition

Tell the Senate to oppose Andrew Puzder for secretary of labor.”

Donald Trump’s selection for labor secretary—fast-food CEO Andrew Puzder—has a long history of anti-worker and anti-government rhetoric and fails every test for labor secretary.

Puzder has made his fortune on the backs of low-wage workers.

He doesn’t believe in the federal minimum wage and has threatened to replace his fast-food chain’s employees with robots if the minimum wage rises high enough.

He is opposed to the new overtime rule that would give millions of workers the right to reasonable work hours or to receive the overtime pay they deserve.

His fast-food chain has a long history of wage theft—cheating workers until it gets caught by state or federal investigators or gets sued by employees.

Stand with the EPI Policy Center and oppose Andrew Puzder for secretary of labor.

To: All United States senators

Donald Trump’s nominee for labor secretary, Andrew Puzder, has a long history of anti-worker and anti-government rhetoric. His personal opposition to the federal minimum wage and the new overtime rule, and his fast-food chain’s record of wage theft from employees, makes him the wrong choice to uphold our nation’s labor laws. We urge you to reject Andrew Puzder as labor secretary.