Call your senators today. Tell them to reject the American Health Care Act.

1. Find your senator’s phone number by state in the list below:

AK  Sen. Murkowski  (202) 224-6665
AK  Sen. Sullivan  (202) 224-3004
AR  Sen. Cotton  (202) 224-2353
AZ  Sen. Flake  (202) 224-4521
CO  Sen. Gardner  (202) 224-5941
LA  Sen. Cassidy  (202) 224-5824
ME  Sen. Collins  (202) 224-2523
NV  Sen. Heller  (202) 224-6244
OH  Sen. Portman  (202) 224-3353
PA  Sen. Toomey  (202) 224-4254
WV  Sen. Capito  (202) 224-6472

Don’t see your senator on this list? They still need to hear from you! You can look up their phone number here.

2. Use this call script:

To: Republican Senators

Hello, my name is ______. I live in CITY, STATE and I’m a constituent of Senator _____.

I’m calling to urge the Senator to reject the American Health Care Act.

Health care reform is too consequential an issue to be rushed through the Senate without a single committee hearing. And if the Senate bill is at all similar to the House-passed bill, it will rob millions of Americans of their health care, just to give a tax break to the rich and health care corporations.

Thank you for sharing my thoughts with the Senator. I strongly hope they vote NO on the American Health Care Act.

3. Report the result of your call here: