Teacher pay penalty: Percent difference between teachers' pay versus pay of demographically similar college-educated workers in other professions, 1996–2012

Public teachers (unionized) Private teachers (unionized)  Private teachers (non-unionized) Public teachers (non-unionized) 
All -13.20% -26.30% -32.10% -17.90%
Females* -7.20% -17.80% -29.50% -14.20%
Males* -24.60% -35.00% -37.20% -26.80%

* Male teachers are compared with college-educated males in other professions, and female teachers are compared with college-educated females in other professions.

Source: Adaptation of Figure 7 (regression adjusted estimates) from Allegretto & Tojerow, "Teacher Pay & Staffing Differences: Public & Private Schools," Monthly Labor Review, September 2014

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