HCL’s overall wage savings is estimated by summing the underpayment for each position: Calculation is illustrated for two positions

Skill Citizen Landed–visa dependent Savings from landed H-1B Local–visa dependent Savings from local H-1B
# Average ARC # Average ARC Underpayment for each landed H-1B = B − D Savings is # of landed X amount of underpayment = C X D # Average ARC Underpayment for each local H-1B = B − H Savings is # of local X amount of underpayment = G X I
Columns:  A B C D E F G H I J
Developer – senior 92 115,713 169 81,070  $        34,643  $    5,854,667 61 97,614  $  18,099  $ 1,104,039
Technical lead 132 122,661 343 81,023  $        41,638  $  14,281,834 100 98,944  $  23,717  $ 2,371,700
Total wage savings SUM (Col F) SUM (Col J)

Note: See text in Appendix for explanation of estimation methodology. 

Source: Authors’ analysis of tables in HCL, “Guidelines for H1 nominations,” Exhibit 57. Case 3:19-cv-01185-MPS Document 48-57, filed September 7, 2021. From United States of America, ex rel. Ralph Billington, Michael Aceves, and Sharon Dorman (Plaintiffs) v. HCL Technologies LTD. and HCL America, INC. (Defendants). Fourth Amended Complaint for Violations of the False Claims Act. United States District Court for the District of Connecticut. Civil Action No. 3:19-CV-1185 (MPS).

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