Mandatory arbitration in U.S. workplaces, by state

State Mandatory arbitration
California 67.4%**
Texas 67.9%
Florida 53.6%
New York 55.0%
Illinois 42.3%
Pennsylvania 54.5%
Ohio 51.8%
Georgia 55.3%
North Carolina 70.0%*
Michigan 42.9%
New Jersey 40.5%*
Virginia 55.2%

* p < 0.10; ** p < 0.05

Notes: Percentages indicate the share of workplaces with mandatory arbitration policies in each state. The symbols * and ** indicate that the adoption of mandatory arbitration is significantly different from the other categories in the table combined at the 0.10 level and 0.05 level, respectively. States listed are the 12 most populous states in the U.S. and are listed in order of population size (largest to smallest).

Source: Author’s original survey data (see the methodological appendix)

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