Underemployment by occupation is relatively high among retail sales and food preparation and serving employees

Occupation Underemployment
Management 32.5%
Bus/fin operations 32.0%
Professl computer & math 29.2%
Architecture & engineering 38.2%
Life/physical/social sciences 25.7%
Community & social srvcs 43.1%
Lawyer/judge 27.4%
Teacher (K–12) 33.6%
Teacher (college/univ) 16.0%
Other professional 18.5%
Medical doctors 18.7%
Other health care practitnr 24.0%
Health tech 25.8%
Health care support 34.1%
Protective service 34.7%
Food prep and serving 46.7%
Building/grounds maint 45.7%
Personal care and service 41.2%
Sales representative 23.9%
Retail sales 47.4%
Other sales 34.8%
Office/admin support 31.5%
Farming/forestry/fishing 20.1%
Construction and extraction 35.9%
Installation/maintenance/repair 29.0%
Precision production 41.3%
Transport./material moving 24.7%
Other, please specify 52.0%
Unknown or other 4.4%

Note: SHED survey, May 2014 (n = 2,846), percentage of workers who indicate they are underemployed (prefer to “work more hours for more money”) and overemployed (prefer to “work fewer hours for less money”) when asked, “If you were paid the same hourly rate regardless of the number of hours you work, would you prefer…?”

Source: SHED survey, May 2014

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