Average salary of instructional faculty and graduate assistants, by academic rank

Academic rank Average salary
Full professors $121,764
Associate professors $86,035
Assistant professors $73,394
Instructors $65,351
Lecturers $60,685
Graduate assistants $13,969

Notes: Salary data by academic rank are for full-time instructional faculty on nine-month contracts and are in 2017–2018 school year dollars. Graduate assistantship amounts are for the 2015–2016 school year, inflation adjusted into 2017–2018 school year dollars using CPI-U. We are assuming that “school year dollars” refers to August–May. On average, graduate student employees work 22.7 hours per week.

Sources: Salary data are from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), College and Career Tables Library [online data], Table 4.2, accessed November 2019, and the NCES Digest of Education StatisticsTable 316.10, accessed November 2019. Work hours data are from NCES College and Career Tables Library Table 2.4-A, accessed November 2019.

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