Annual spending in year four of a four-year, $2 trillion infrastructure, clean energy, and energy efficiency program


Program category Annual spending (billions$)
Infrastructure program elements
Surface transportation $105.9
Water/wastewater treatment $10.1
Electricity $17.0
Airports $4.0
Inland waterways/ports $1.4
Dams $3.8
Hazardous and solid waste $0.7
Levees $6.7
Public parks and recreation $9.8
Rail $2.8
Schools $36.5
Natural gas pipelines $17.6
Broadband $33.7
Total $250
Renewable energy
Wind $84.4
Solar energy $84.4
Geothermal energy $18.8
Energy efficiency
Building retrofits $29.3
Industrial efficiency $4.9
High-efficiency autos $4.9
Land and agriculture
Land restoration $7.8
Agriculture $15.6
Total $250

Notes: This table takes the $500 billion that would be spent annually as part of a four-year, $2 trillion spending proposal and allocates it in proportion to spending assumptions in Sierra Club 2020, a report analyzed by the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) (Pollin and Chakraborty 2020). Totals may not sum due to rounding.

Source: Authors’ analysis of Pollin and Chakraborty 2020 and Chakraborty 2020.

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