At HCL, Oracle experts with H-1B visas are paid $55,000 less than U.S. workers: Annual wages of HCL Oracle experts by immigration status of worker, 2015

U.S. citizen or permanent resident H-1B visa worker, hired in India Wage premium for U.S. worker % by which U.S. citizen wage exceeds H-1B wage
$140,240 $85,459 $54,781 64%

Note: As these data show, HCL Technologies Inc. is in violation of the law requiring that H-1B employers pay H-1B visa holders at least as much as employees in the same jobs who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. As evident in HCL’s internal guidelines for deciding which jobs to fill with new H-1B visa holders, the IT outsourcing company seeks H-1B workers for positions where there are large wage differences between visa holders and U.S. citizens: [H-1B] Nominations proposed [are based on]…Skills where the cost differences between Landed [H-1B] and Local [U.S. Citizen] hires are over 40% - Example BI, SAP and Oracle skills.”

Source: Authors’ analysis of HCL, “Guidelines for H1 nominations,” Exhibit 57. Case 3:19-cv-01185-MPS Document 48-57, filed September 7, 2021, at page 11. From United States of America, ex rel. Ralph Billington, Michael Aceves, and Sharon Dorman (Plaintiffs) v. HCL Technologies LTD. and HCL America, INC. (Defendants). Fourth Amended Complaint for Violations of the False Claims Act. United States District Court for the District of Connecticut. Civil Action No. 3:19-CV-1185 (MPS).

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