Eight of top 10 H-1B employers in fiscal year 2015 used HCL’s outsourcing business model: All eight outsourcers compete with one another and pay H-1B workers relatively low salaries


Rank Employer name H-1B petition approvals for initial and continuing employment, FY 2015 Average salary for H-1B employees Outsourcing business model similar to HCL?
1 Cognizant Technology 15,547 $82,351 Yes
2 Infosys 7,989 $82,156 Yes
3 Tata Consultancy Services 7,936 $69,252 Yes
4 Wipro 5,968 $72,711 Yes
5 Accenture 5,445 $76,233 Yes
6 IBM Corp. 2,815 $75,516 Yes
7 Tech Mahindra Americas 2,553 $73,456 Yes
8 HCL America 2,548 $81,317 Yes
9 Microsoft 2,523 $120,944 No
10 Google 2,023 $130,872 No


Note: H-1B petition approvals include approved petitions for both initial employment (i.e., for new employment, not visa extensions) as well as continuing employment (i.e., visa extensions). Petitions are approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a subagency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Average wage data come from USCIS and include all of the H-1B visa holders employed by HCL, whether hired in India or the United States. 

Source: USCIS, "Approved H-1B Petitions (Number, Salary, and Degree/Diploma) by Employer, Fiscal Year 2015," Buy American and Hire American [data page] (archived content from June 30, 2017), accessed October 22, 2021.

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