Compensation profile for service workers in service industries, 2019

Compensation component Cost per hour worked, service workers in service industries, 2019 Ratio of compensation component to pay
Pay (wages, salaries, supplemental pay) $13.32
Wages and salaries $12.97 97.4%
Supplemental pay (e.g., overtime) $0.35 2.6%
Paid leave (vacation, holiday, sick, personal) $0.73 5.5%
Insurance benefits and retirement benefits $1.49 11.2%
Legally required benefits $1.60 12.0%
Social Security and Medicare $1.10 8.3%
Unemployment insurance (state and federal) $0.14 1.0%
Workers’ compensation $0.36 2.7%

Source: Author's analysis of 2019 Employment Costs for Employee Compensation from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. and

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