More than 8 million undocumented Latinx Americans are all but locked out of the safety net: Latinx Americans by nativity and immigration status, 2017

Native-born  Foreign-born, authorized Foreign-born, unauthorized Total
Number of Latinx Americans in the U.S. (millions) 39.1 11.6 8.1


Notes: Persons whose ethnicity is identified as Latinx may be of any race. Undocumented immigrant estimates are recent through 2017, and thus matched with 2017 American Community Survey population estimates.

Source: Authors’ analysis of U.S. Census Bureau, 2017 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates [Table S0201], and of Pew Research Center’s estimates of unauthorized immigrants, based on augmented U.S. Census Bureau data. Adapted from Pew Research Center’s Facts on Latinos in the U.S. (Noe-Bustamante and Flores 2019) and Facts on U.S. Immigrants, 2017 (Radford and Noe-Bustamante 2019); see their Methodology (Passel and Cohn 2018) for details.

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