Latinx--white wage gaps persist no matter how you slice the data: Average wages of Latinx and white workers, by gender, wage percentile, and education, 2019

Latinx White
Overall $20.53   $28.66
Men $21.93   $32.20
Women $18.78   $24.83
10th $9.94   $10.56
Median $15.89   $21.32
95th $46.33   $73.38
High school $17.88   $20.04
College $30.35   $35.90
Advanced degree $40.80  $45.29


Note: White refers to non-Latinx whites; persons whose ethnicity is identified as Latinx may be of any race.

Source: Authors’ analysis of 2019 data from Economic Policy Institute, State of Working America Data Library, [Median/average hourly wages], and EPI Current Population Survey Extracts, Version 1.0 (2020a),, adapted from State of Working America Wages 2019.

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