Black, Latinx, and multiracial or Native American workers earn less than their white counterparts: Median real hourly wages for residential long-term care workers, by race/ethnicity and citizenship status

Group Median hourly wage
All residential long-term care workers $15.22
White $16.31
Black $14.04
Latinx $14.02
AAPI $18.02
Multiracial or Native American $14.32
U.S.-born $15.13
Naturalized U.S. citizens $16.48
Non-U.S. citizens $14.32

Notes: AAPI stands for Asian American and Pacific Islander. All values in 2021 dollars. To ensure sufficient sample sizes and reflect the “normal” pre-pandemic state of this industry, this figure draws from pooled 2015–2019 microdata.

Source: Authors’ analysis of 2015–2019 Current Population Survey Outgoing Rotation Group microdata.

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