Residential long-term care nurses and direct care workers are more likely than workers in general to work multiple jobs: Share of workers who work multiple jobs in the overall workforce, among residential long-term care workers, and in selected long-term care occupations

Group Multiple job holding
All workers 5.1%
All residential long-term care workers 6.6%
Direct care workers 7.2%
Registered nurses 6.5%
Licensed practical nurses 7.2%
Food service workers 3.6%
Cleaning and maintenance workers 5.4%

Notes: To ensure sufficient sample sizes and reflect the “normal” pre-pandemic state of this industry, this figure draws from pooled 2015–2019 microdata. Direct care workers are those in the occupational categories “nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides” and “personal and home care aides.”

Source: Authors’ analysis of 2015–2019 Current Population Survey microdata.

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