Latinx-owned businesses make up a small share of overall business, but are more likely than white-owned businesses to be in industries impacted by COVID-19 shutdowns: Shares of Latinx and white firm ownership by industry

Industry distribution of employer firms Latinx-owned White-owned 
All firms 12.0% 78.0%
Other services (except public admin.)* 16.7% 11.1%
Health care and social assistance†* 10.5% 7.7%
Retail trade† 7.7% 9.4%
Arts, entertainment, and recreation* 3.1% 5.1%
Accommodation and food services†* 3.0% 2.6%
Admin./support/waste mgmt./remediation svcs. 16.0% 8.0%
Construction 14.4% 11.8%
Professional, scientific, and technical services 8.4% 15.4%
Transportation and warehousing 7.4% 3.9%
Real estate 4.3% 10.7%
Wholesale trade 1.9% 2.7%
Finance 1.7% 3.8%
Educational services 1.6% 2.4%
Manufacturing 1.6% 2.3%


Notes: †Indicates the three industries that saw the largest declines in payroll employment in April 2020. *Indicates the three industries that saw the largest percent change declines in payroll employment in April 2020. Totals may not sum to 100%. Industries making up less than 1% of total share (information, agriculture, mining, utilities, management of companies and enterprises) are omitted.

Source: Authors’ analysis of data from U.S. Census Bureau, Survey of Business Owners (2012), Table SB1200CSA01.

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