Nearly half of Black child care workers would see their wages increased by the Raise the Wage Act of 2021 (RTWA): Shares of child care workers affected by the RTWA, by gender and race/ethnicity, projected for 2025

Group Share affected
Overall 43.5%
Female 43.8%
Male 38.3%
White 46.2%
Black 48.5%
Hispanic 36.4%
AAPI 24.0%

Notes: AAPI stands for Asian American/Pacific Islander. “Child care workers” refers to workers in the “Child care” or “Pre-K and kindergarten teachers” occupation classifications (from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ American Community Survey), excluding those who work in the “Elementary and secondary schools” industry.

Source: Economic Policy Institute Minimum Wage Simulation Model; see Technical Methodology by Cooper, Mokhiber, and Zipperer (2019).

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