Black and Hispanic workers are less likely to telework, regardless of level of education: Share of employed that teleworked, by race/ethnicity and education, May 2020–April 2021

group_value share_tw_emp
White 8.85%
Black 7.15%
Hispanic 6.81%
AAPI 8.29%
White 38.64%
Black 33.84%
Hispanic 33.65%
AAPI 46.63%
White 49.89%
Black 50.03%
Hispanic 49.27%
AAPI 62.50%


Notes: Race/ethnicity categories are mutually exclusive (i.e., white non-Hispanic, Black non-Hispanic, and Hispanic any race). AAPI includes to Asian-American and Pacific Islander.

Source: Authors' analysis of EPI Current Population Survey Extracts, Version 1.0.14 (2021), and the Current Population Survey COVID supplement.

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