Care workers are disproportionately women of color: Gender and race/ethnicity breakdown of all workers, home health care workers, and child care workers

Men White women Black women Hispanic women AAPI women Women of other race/ethnicity
All workers 53.1% 29.1% 6.4% 7.5% 3.3% 0.5%
Home health care workers 11.4% 34.0% 26.1% 20.1% 7.0% 1.4%
Child care workers 6.0% 53.1% 14.1% 22.3% 3.3% 1.2%

Notes: To ensure sufficient sample sizes, this figure draws from pooled 2018–2020 microdata. AAPI refers to Asian American/Pacific Islander. Race/ethnicity categories are mutually exclusive (i.e., white non-Hispanic, Black non-Hispanic, AAPI non-Hispanic, and Hispanic any race).

Source: Reproduced from Figure B in Asha Banerjee, Elise Gould, and Marokey Sawo, Setting Higher Wages for Child Care and Home Health Care Workers is Long Overdue, Economic Policy Institute, November 2021. Data are from authors' analysis of Current Population Survey basic monthly microdata, EPI Current Population Survey Extracts, Version 1.0.18 (2021),

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