List of alt-labor groups included in study

Name Headquarters Year founded Worker center?* Geographic reach State partisanship Sectoral focus Network affliation? Total revenue (from most recent 990 available; last election year used for c4s)
Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN) Woodburn, OR 1977 Amalgam state blue Agriculture CPD, Allianza Poder $403,781 (2018)
Arise Chicago Chicago, IL 1991 Worker center local blue multiple   $949,384 (2019)
Somos Un Pueblo Unido Santa Fe, NM 1995 Amalgam state blue multiple AFL-CIO $1,067,276 (2019)
Pilipino Workers Center (PWC) Los Angeles, CA 1995 Worker center local blue multiple NDWA $960,570 (2018)
Make the Road New York (MRNY) New York, NY 1997 Amalgam local blue multiple CPD $24,939,711 (2019)
Chicago Workers’ Collaborative (CWC) Chicago, IL 2000 Worker center local blue Temp staffing RTF $839,208 (2019)
New Labor New Brunswick, NJ 2000 Worker center state blue multiple IWJ, NDWA, NDLON $532,053 (2017)
Workers Defense Project (WDP) Austin, TX 2002 Worker center state red Construction IWJ, AFL-CIO, NDLON, CPD $2,277,932 (2019)
Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC) New York, NY 2004 Amalgam multi-state all Restaurant   $5,727,743 (2019)
New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice (NOWCRJ) New Orleans, LA 2006 Worker center state purple multiple   $1,898,871 (2020)
WeCount! Homestead, FL 2006 Worker center local red multiple NDWA, AFL-CIO, NDLON $279,464 (2019)
National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) New York, NY 2007 Alliance multi-state all Domestic work own $12,457,744 (2019)
El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos Albuquerque, NM 2009 Other local blue multiple NDWA $372,092 (2019)
Heartland Workers Center (HWC) Omaha, NE 2009 Worker center state red multiple   $1,706,997 (2019)
Living United for Change in Arizona (c4) Phoenix, AZ 2010 501(c)(4) state red multiple CPD $2,525,302 (2018)
Arizona Center for Empowerment Phoenix, AZ 2010 Other state red multiple   $915,057 (2019)
United for Respect (UFR) Oakland, CA 2011 Other multi-state all Retail CPD $809,139 (2019)
Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) New York, NY 2012 Alliance multi-state all multiple own $28,906,156 (2019)
Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa (CWJEI) Iowa City, IA 2012 Other local purple multiple IWJ, AFL-CIO $182,663 (2017)
Needham Area Immigration Justice Task Force Needham, MA 2012 Other local blue multiple MIRA $1,300 (2019)
Adelante Alabama Worker Center Birmingham, AL 2014 Worker center local red multiple NDLON $548,444 (2019)
CPD Action (c4) New York, NY 2014 501(c)(4) multi-state all multiple   $9,209,630 (2018)
Make the Road Action (c4) New York, NY 2014 501(c)(4) multi-state purple multiple   $1,958,884 (2018)
Raise the Floor Alliance Chicago, IL 2014 Alliance state blue multiple own $1,732,015 (2020)
Workers Defense Action Fund (c4) Austin, TX 2014 501(c)(4) state red multiple   $833,589 (2018)
Acción Politica PCUNista (c4) Woodburn, OR 2016 501(c)(4) state blue multiple   $682,866 (2018)
Somos Acción (c4) Santa Fe, NM 2018 501(c)(4) state blue multiple   $221,166 (2018)
Worker Justice Wisconsin Madison, WI 2018 Worker center local purple multiple IWJ, AFL-CIO $114,000 (2019)

Notes: The study was conducted between 2018 and 2021. Semi-structured interviews were conducted in person, and the author engaged in “direct observation” to the extent possible prior to Covid-19. Quotes from organizers in leadership roles are attributed when permission was granted. Because most worker-members discussed personal experiences—rather than focusing solely on “events (current or historical), views, etc.” not considered human subjects research by Northwestern University IRB—interviews with most members are considered “off the record” or “on background,” unless otherwise noted. Note that 10 groups explicitly self-identify as “worker centers” (Arise, CWC, New Labor, PWC, WDP, NOWCRJ, WeCount!, Heartland, Adelante, and WJW). Three are national or regional alliances of worker centers and other community-based groups (CPD, NDWA, and RTF). Four are “amalgams” that include worker centers (Somos, PCUN, MRNY, and ROC). Five do not self-identify as “worker centers,” but fighting for workers’ rights is central to their mission (El Centro, ACE, UFR, CWJEI, and Needham). Six are 501(c)(4) organizations that fight for workers’ rights and are affiliated with one of the above (CPDA, MRA, WDAF, Acción Politica PCUNista, Somos Acción, or LUCHA).

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