Variation among alt-labor groups in sample (n=28)

Characteristic Number of groups with given characteristic
Age 12 older (founded 2007 or earlier), 16 younger
Region 8 Northeast, 6 Midwest, 9 West, 5 South
Geographic reach 10 local, 12 state, 6 multi-state
State partisan context 12 “blue,” 4 “purple,” 7 “red,” 5 offices in all three
Industrial focus 6 single, 22 multiple
Network affiliation? 15 yes, 10 no, 3 own network
Annual revenue 7 under $500K, 9 $500k–$1m, 7 $1m–$3m, 5 over $5m
Worker center? 10 yes, 4 amalgam, 5 other, 3 alliance, 6 501(c)(4)

Notes: “State partisan context” indicates which political party controlled state government during most years of the group’s existence, with emphasis placed on control of both houses of the state legislature. Following convention, “blue” indicates Democratic, “red” indicates Republican, and “purple” indicates divided or alternating control. “Worker center?” indicates whether the group self-identifies as a worker center. See Appendix A for further details.

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