A call for broad reforms from the G-20

Date: April 1, 2009

An EPI Press Conference
[Audio recording of this conference below]

Unions around the world are addressing how to clean up what has become a global economic crisis. Their aim is to get the G-20 countries to adopt appropriate economic priorities during their summit in London that began April 2. In addition, they are suggesting the Obama administration push European policymakers to commit more money for economic stimulus.

Representatives from research institutions and unions held this international press conference on Wednesday April 1st to outline the economic concerns that unions will bring to the G-20, as outlined in their Declaration: Investment in green economies, nationalization of insolvent banks, reversal of income inequality, agreement on climate change, and building effective global economic institutions.

Participants in the press conference were:

Gustav HornFrom Germany: 

Dr. Gustav Horn
Research Director, German Institute for Macro-economic Studies, Coordinator European Labor Research Network






Andrew Watt

From Belgium:

Andrew Watt
Senior researcher, European Trade Union Institute





Jeff Faux

From the United States:

Jeff Faux
Founding President, Economic Policy Institute

Location: Economic Policy Institute, Washington, DC; participants were connected live via Skype.

Audio from this press conference
Listen to this forum: [listen/stream] [download MP3] [57 minutes.; 52 MB]