EPI Conference on Public Sector Efficiency

Date: July 28, 2003

EPI Conference on Public Sector Efficiency

National Education Association Headquarters, Washington, DC, April 4, 2003

Conference documents

Agenda [MS Word document]

Privatizing Information and Information Technology —Whose Life is it Anyway? [WordPerfect document]
Ellen Dannin

Privatization, Free Trade and the Erosion of Government Authority [PowerPoint presentation]
Jennifer Gerbasi

Privatization —Impact on Labor [PowerPoint presentation]
Bob Hebdon

Actions by Political Officials Have Weakened the Federal Government Workplace: Downsizing Has Cut Lower Level Workers the Most, and Replacing Federal Employees with Private Corporations Costs Much More, Creating the Need for Immediate Reform [MS Word document]
Ray C. Oman, Ronald L. Gabriel, Jacqueline J. Garrett, Kenneth B. Malmberg

Fools Rush In: The Bush Administration Push to Out-Source the Federal Public Service [MS Word document]
Max B. Sawicky

Unmanaged Costs: Government Contracting by the State of Ohio [Adobe Acrobat document]
Zach Schiller

Mark Ward of the General Accounting Office discusses the GAO report entitled Welfare Reform: Federal Oversight of State and Local Contracting Can Be Strengthened (GAO-02-661, June 11, 2002). [MS Word document]

Contracting: Theoretical Propositions, Empirical Realities [PowerPoint presentation]
Mildred Warner

Public Sector Permatemps: How Employers Misclassify Employees and Work [PowerPoint presentation]
The Center for a Changing Workforce

Privatization in Practice: Case Studies of Contracting for TANF Case Management [PowerPoint presentation]
Pamela Winston, Sheena McConnell, Andrew Burwick, Irma Perez-Johnson

Audio transcripts and conference papers are available from EPI’s 2001 conference on privatization.