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Redesigning Teacher Pay

Date: October 1, 2009

Redesigning Teacher Pay -- An EPI forumAudio and slideshows are archved below

This forum marked the release of Redesigning Teacher Pay: A System for the Next Generation of Educators, the second volume in The Economic Policy Institute Series on Alternative Teacher Compensation Systems.

Motivated by the need to bring expert analysis to the debate over performance-based pay in America’s public schools, this volume written by Harvard University’s Susan Moore Johnson and John Papay provides a simple framework for designing and evaluating performance pay plans for teachers. Using this framework, the authors propose a simple, yet powerful plan for reforming compensation for the next generation of teachers.

Below is a complete audio recording of this forum, where Johnson and Papay presented their analysis (slideshow also below), and were joined by Rob Weil and Tom Toch in a discussion moderated by Jennifer King Rice.

Jennifer King Rice, University of Maryland

Susan Moore Johnson, Harvard University
John P. Papay, Harvard University

Rob Weil, American Federation of Teachers
Tom Toch, Education Sector and Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington

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