Workers, Economists and Experts to Preview Fed Up Coalition’s Visit to Jackson Hole

Date: August 24, 2015

On Monday, August 24 at 12pm EDT, workers, economists and experts from the Fed Up campaign will discuss the coalition’s upcoming visit to Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Next week, workers, economists and allies with the Center for Popular Democracy’s Fed Up coalition will return to Jackson Hole, Wyo. with a clear demand for Federal Reserve officials: Let Our Wages Grow.

On the call, speakers will share their stories about struggling amid stubbornly high unemployment and uneven wages, and economic experts – Josh Bivens from Economic Policy Institute and Ady Barkan from Center for Popular Democracy – will offer important analysis as Federal Reserve officials gear up for a summit revolving around “Inflation Dynamics.”

With too many workers, especially Black workers, still unemployed and wage growth nowhere to be found, the economy is simply not ready for the Fed to slow it down.

What: Press conference call discussing the Fed Up coalition’s visit to Jackson Hole

Who: Member of the Fed Up campaign who will share their story and discuss how the Federal Reserve’s decisions affect the lives of workers

Josh Bivens, Research and Policy Director, Economic Policy Institute

Ady Barkan, Fed Up Campaign Director, Center for Popular Democracy

When: Monday, August 24, 2015 at 12pm EDT

RSVP: Members of the press are encouraged to reserve a spot on the call by writing to

Dial info: Dial: 888-471-3843 | Conference ID: 7375580

The Fed Up campaign, anchored at the Center for Popular Democracy, will hold a number of teach-ins in Jackson Hole, Wyo. during the Federal Reserve’s symposium from August 27 to 29 to convey why it does not make sense to stop the recovery for America’s families. The teach-ins will be led by workers, economists, and Fed Up allies and will cover an array of topics like the Fed’s role in full employment, the intersection of Black Lives Matter and the Fed, the selection process for regional bank presidents, a historical look at inflation, and more.