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EPI News 07/01/2016


Brexit: The end of globalization as we know it?

EPI’s Robert Scott wrote that Britain’s vote to leave the European Union illustrates why it’s time for leaders in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States to stop promoting austerity and business-as-usual trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership—and instead get serious about rebuilding an economy that works for working people.


Paul Ryan’s tax reform taps noted fiscal policy experts Donald Trump and Sam Brownback

EPI’s Hunter Blair compared House Speaker Paul Ryan’s tax reform proposals to those of Sam Brownback and Donald Trump. Blair noted that both Ryan’s and Trump’s tax agendas benefit those who need help least.


Immigration: Culprit or scapegoat?

This week EPI’s Daniel Costa appeared on a panel for the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Immigration Policy Project. The panel discussed the impact that immigration has on employment and wages.