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EPI News 11/18/2016


Updated overtime rule will help workers in every state

The updated overtime rule, which takes effect on December 1, will help 12.5 million workers across the country. A new Economic Snapshot shows how many workers in each state will benefit from the updated rule, which is under attack from corporate interests and congressional conservatives.

Repealing the overtime rule would lower salaries of working class Americans

EPI’s Ross Eisenbrey responded to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report on the overtime rule, noting that the CBO found that repealing the rule change would increase inequality, and lower the incomes and extend the hours of almost a million workers. Eisenbrey also wrote about how, because it inflates the compliance costs of the updated rule, the CBO exaggerates the extent to which repealing the rule would increase employer profits.


Addressing the impacts of lead

On Friday, EPI’s Elise Gould presented research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s forum on addressing the impacts of lead poisoning. Gould discussed documenting the costs associated with lead poisoning and examined the successful strategies and policy approaches that focus on primary prevention.