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EPI News 1/19/2017


High-poverty schools continue to hurt children of all races

In a new Economic Snapshot, EPI’s Emma García shows that poor black children are much more likely to attend high-poverty schools than poor white children. García explains that students who attend high-poverty schools have lower math and reading achievement levels. As a result, children attending those schools are therefore shortchanged and face challenges to their future economic prospects and potential social mobility.


What President Trump and Congress could do to help workers

EPI released A real agenda for working people, which lays out what Trump would do if he were serious about creating jobs, raising wages, and fixing our rigged economy. EPI’s agenda would boost working people’s wages and quality of life. The agenda includes policies to target full employment, strengthen rules that support wages and work, and protect and strengthen the right to collective bargaining. It also calls for reorienting trade policy to support working people and raising top tax rates to fund necessary public investment and reduce the economic power of the top 1 percent.