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EPI News 8/12/2016


Benefits do not make up for low teacher pay

A new Economic Snapshot shows that while teachers often have better benefits than comparable workers, this does not make up for their comparatively lower wages. Even after adding in benefits, teachers are paid 11 percent less than similar workers.


Schrader bill would gut the Department of Labor’s new overtime pay rule

A new EPI report finds that a bill introduced by Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.) would hurt workers who would benefit from the Department of Labor’s updated overtime pay rule. By eliminating the rule’s indexing (which automatically raises the overtime salary threshold as wages for salaried workers rise), Schrader’s bill would halve the share of the salaried workforce that would qualify for overtime pay protection by 2035. And by delaying the full increase in the threshold by three years, the bill would prevent or delay millions of working people from receiving overtime protections.