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Coming Soon: The State of Working America

AUGUST 28, 2012

On Tuesday, September 11, the Economic Policy Institute will release the 12th Edition of The State of Working America, EPI’s comprehensive analysis of the economic well-being of America’s workers.

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Over the course of many months, the four State of Working America authors have analyzed the latest economic statistics from a wide range of sources covering income, mobility, wages, jobs, wealth, and poverty. In this volume are the bottom-line facts of today, as well as the story of what has happened to the living standards of America’s workers over the last three decades.

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EPI has previewed some of the key findings in a series of five reports that explored:

Already widespread media coverage

The State of Working America’s findings have garnered widespread attention across major news media outlets, including editorials and news stories in the nation’s leading papers, features in top online news sources and blogs, and on television and radio news shows across the country.

“Until it went online, the latest edition of EPI’s State of Working America was always on my desk, right next to Webster’s Dictionary and the data-filled Economic Report of the President.”

–Steven Pearlstein, Columnist, Washington Post

“For a generation of progressive economic policy makers, we looked forward to the newest edition of the State of Working America in the same way today young people look forward to the newest edition of the iPhone.”

–Gene Sperling, Director of the National Economic Council and Assistant to the President for Economic Policy

Check back on Tuesday, September 11 to find out how policy decisions have limited the wage and income growth of workers and their families.