Robert G. Lynch

Areas of expertise
Public finance • State and local economic development • Tax policy • Early childhood education • Social Security • Income inequality and poverty

Robert Lynch is the Everett E. Nuttle professor of Economics at Washington College. His current research assesses the impact of public investment in early childhood education on government budgets, the economy, and crime. His most recent publication in this area is Enriching children, Enriching the Nation: Public Investment in High-Quality Prekindergarten (2007). He has also authored several works that have evaluated the adequacy and effectiveness of state and local government economic policies, reviewed government economic growth strategies, and analyzed the efficiency, fairness, and stability of state and local tax systems.

Ph.D, Economics, State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook (1984)
M.A., Economics, SUNY Stony Brook (1981)
B.A., International and Development Economics, Georgetown University (1979)