Commentary | Jobs and Unemployment

EPI applauds White House summit on jobs

In response to President Obama’s announcement November 12 of a White House summit to explore options for addressing the jobs crisis, EPI President Lawrence Mishel issued the following statement:

“President Obama is right to say that we should take ‘every additional responsible step’ to help put Americans back to work. With a double-digit unemployment rate and nearly 16 million Americans looking for work, we should take decisive action as quickly as possible to create jobs. High rates of unemployment damage our economy in ways that can take years, if not generations, to fix, by casting millions of families and children into poverty and making it difficult for our nation to invest for the future. President Obama’s focus on job creation is necessary and welcome.”

The Economic Policy Institute has outlined five ways to create millions of jobs and stem the jobs crisis. For more information on these job proposals, visit the Policies to Create Jobs page on