Rosemary Batt

Areas of expertise
Strategic human resource management • Service sector productivity and competitiveness • Work organization and teams • Labor market analysis

Rosemary Batt is the Alice Hanson Cook Professor of Women and Work at the ILR School, Cornell University. She is a Professor in Human Resource Studies and International and Comparative Labor. She has written extensively on human resource practices and their effect on firm performance, the quality of jobs, and wage and employment outcomes. She has published numerous book chapters and articles in such journals as Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Academy of Management Journal, Personnel Psychology, International Journal of Human Resource Management, and the British Journal of Industrial Relations. She is co-author of Private Equity at Work (2014) with Eileen Appelbaum; co-editor of the Oxford Handbook on Work and Organization and co-author of The New American Workplace: Transforming Work Systems in the United States, Cornell University Press.

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.A. Cornell University